The Kingston Woodturners

Posted on Jul 22, 2016

The Kingston Woodturners

Hey everyone!

I would like to introduce you to the Kingston Woodturners. The Woodturners are a group of local Kingston craftspeople with an interest in woodturning. Their main initiative is to bring people in the Kingston area together through education and social community activities. They hold monthly meetings as well as ‘learn n turn’ sessions, and are often present at other events around the city to demonstrate their woodturning. Sometimes the club holds sales of items made by its members and all of the proceeds from the sale are donated to different local charities.

In addition to being a big part of the Kingston community, the Woodturners are a significant aspect of our museum. Most of the items in our gift shop are pieces hand turned by the Woodturners and may of the members demonstrate at the Mac throughout the summer. If you stroll into the Mac on a Saturday afternoon, you will likely find one of the Woodturners in our workshop.

Today I was lucky enough to spend my afternoon with Keith and Nelson, two of the club’s members. Nelson, the current president, told me a little bit about the club’s history. In about 2005 the Kingston Woodturners formed to inform people about how to safely turn wood as a hobby while having fun doing so. The club consists of both men and women, many of whom are retired shop teachers, as well as professors of engineering, design, and psychology. They welcome people of all ages and experience levels to try their hand at turning.

The Kingston Woodturners have been partnering with the Mac for about 7 years and we are so grateful for this partnership. Their presence in the workshop fills the space with craftsmanship and life. Today Nelson and Keith even convinced me to try turning; they had me make a spinning top. While I will admit that it was very difficult and Keith had to fix many of my mistakes, they were excellent teachers and I had so much fun.

Trying to turn for myself gave me a whole new appreciation for woodturning that I did not necessarily have before. I always thought the turned items in out gift shop were lovely, I never appreciated the hard work that went in to making each and every piece. Our gift shop has bowls, pens, key chains, and so much more all made by different members of the Kingston Woodturners. If you decide to stop in on a Saturday and say ‘hi’ to the Woodturners, I also suggest that you take a look around the gift shop and see what our local artisans have created.

That’s it for me. Check back for more on our artisan features!


Jim Dedrick – maple bowl and bolt action pen
Nelson Freedman – cherry natural edge bowl
Keith Notley – maple vase and wine stopper
Herb Salter – oak hummingbird container and ornament
Ken Waller – acacia bowl and honey dipper
John Williams – maple platter and mini birdhouse